Промо White Jade, Green Rutile and Silver 925

White Jade, Green Rutile and Silver 925

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In China, the Jadeite was so valuable that they said to him, "Gold is valuable, Jadeite is priceless."

Jadeite is especially revered because of its metaphysical properties. It is believed that he changes the one who owns it.

Jadeite is a stone of peace in times of storm. Its action calms the nervous system and normalizes heart rhythm. A piece of jade, worn in a pocket or necklace, protects against diseases and restores energy. Jadeite removes the fear, so it is recommended wearing his small children who are away from home and their parents - during trips, for example, and of elderly people who need hospitalization and are away from your family.

Jadeite is excellent for eliminating guilt, as well as in extreme cases where protection is required. It also removes "pathological normality" - the excessive desire to belong to a certain group, and the ultimate decisions to be part of something, regardless of the consequences.

Jade can be green, white, red, black, blue, yellow, orange, brown, violet.

As a stone for travelers, green jelly protects against illness during breaks and is a great stone for those who travel alone. Protects children from injury during travel.

Green Jade is a stone of love. He supports new love and increases trust in the couple.

Black Jadeite is a protected stone. His strong energy protects not only the physical body, but also protects against negative forces and energies as well as from aggressive people. Black Jadeite absorbs and transforms unhealthy and destructive emotions.

Black Jadeite gives independence, despite the limitations.

Red Jadeite gives strength and energy. It is an excellent stone for athletes. It also attracts business success.

Yellow Jadeite increases vitality and vigor.

Brown Jadeite ground.

The blue and purple Jadeite connect with the spiritual world.

Silver is a great metal for mental, emotional and physical recovery and cleansing. This noble metal balances and ground. Silver has always been associated with the energy of the moon. And just as the lunar energy gently and carefully removes fears, worries and stress. Silver in combination with crystals and precious stones gives excellent results.

Love & Life jewelry is boutique - single pieces are made. When choosing a particular model bracelet, necklace or earrings - you will get specially made for you jewelery.

Size tables are tentative. Choose your size or specify different sizes listed in your order's comment.

If you like a particular bracelet model, for example, but you want it to be made with your precious gems - do not hesitate to contact us. We will create a beautiful piece of jewel for you.

Besides the choice of gems, you are also allowed to choose the metal elements of the jewel you want - you can choose between silver 925, steel, gold plated and silver metal elements.

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